I am an addict I think. 4 CDs bought since I last posted. First, some feedback on the vinyl I bought – the pressings were a bit dodgy, but dustygroove were nice about it. So I’m getting a refund on the Jorge Ben and some credit on the Elis Regina (which had a skip). Both are excellent, but the Jorge Ben record was so badly pressed that it was hardly playable. The Claudia LP is great! Some really really cool stuff. The Ramsay Lewis thing is cool, but not that cool. Well, there are about 4 killer tracks on it, which isn’t bad. The rest of the stuff is ok, just not so upbeat, and that’s what I was in the mood for when I was listening to it.

I picked up two great compilations used on CD last night – ‘Buddism’ by Roy Budd and ‘Mo’plen Brazilia’ (italian comp. on IRMA)

‘Buddism’ is a nice (and probably superior) companion to the ‘Rebirth of the Budd’ compilation.
Both contain the classic ‘Get Carter, but while ‘rebirth’ focuses more on the pop instrumental albums which Roy Budd did on the Pye label in the late 60s, ‘Buddism’ is exclusively cuts from his soundtracks. Some tracks are incredibly modern sounding, and most are extremely cool, slightly in the vein of Lalo Schifrin’s best work.

‘Mo’Plen Brazilia’ is the CD with Italian and Brazilian footballers on the cover. Although some tracks are duplicated from other Mo’Plen and Easy Tempo CDs, this is definitely one of the more successful compilations of late 60s Italian Bossa-influenced tracks I own. And the sound quality, (which was terrible on ‘metti, una bossa a cena’) is pretty good. Well worth checking out if you get the chance.

And then at lunchtime – Shirley Scott – talkin verve – killer late 60s/early 70s organ jazz; very enjoyable. and Da Lata – ok, well, this one was cheap so I bought it, but I’m not sure if it’s my thing. Modern Brazilian stuff with samples. Kind of almost cool, but it will have to grow on me…

That’s it…. Oh, and musical taste has reached a milestone – 50 members! I’m quite pleased with how it’s going.

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