Well, I nearly managed to get through April without buying any more records. Not quite though. Last night I bought the Serge Gainsbourg compilation Classé X used at Kim’s. Oh, and a really cool Ventures compilation (honestly) – Televentures used at Sounds. I would never have bought the Ventures one, but it was playing in the store, and it sounded, well, very cool. Cool in a cheesy twangy 60s guitar sense, really much more what I was into about 5 years ago. But still cool.

Anyway, the Gainsbourg compilation is nice. Cheesy as hell – it’s deliberately focusing on his ‘sex’ related songs. Although one of the songs, ‘Evguenie Sokolov’, features the man farting into the microphone over a reggae beat for the whole song. Oooh, sexy!!. He wrote a book with the same title, apparently about someone who farts a lot. The last song on the Gainsbourg ‘suck, baby suck’ is really awful…

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