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My word, I don’t mean to be over-dramatic, but some of the Morricone that I’ve come across recently thanks to a trade with a musical taste/exotica list member trade is so good that my life really does feel better. Too much to mention, but particularly the tracks ‘Filastrocca per Cretini’ (1969) and ‘Sosta Vietata’ (1975). ‘Filastrocca’ is a delightful, periodically very silly piece with harpsichord, bossa nova beat and wordless voices. If you were trying to sum up my musical taste in one track, that track could be ‘Sosta Vietata’, a lush, orchestral piece with layered strings, harpsichord melody, and a gently groovy bassline and beat. There are also some Bacharach-y brass and woodwind parts. It’s quite divine.

I’m DJing again as the guest this Thursday at ‘The Party‘. Please come if you’re in NYC.

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I will be spinning this Thursday (April 11th) alongside DJ’s Jack Fetterman, Anita Serwacki and Scott Springer at RIFIFI (aka Cinema Classics), 332 East 11th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues). There is no cover charge.

The menu is ‘Exotica, Loungecore, Soundtracks and Easy Listening’, and I think it should be pretty tasty evening. So make sure you’re there!

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