Monthly Archives: April 2006

Camera woes

My digital camera has become flakey and today I returned from a weekend away to find my compact flash card was no longer working. I wasn’t a happy bunny until I found the freeware application PhotoRec . I almost didn’t find this application, so I’m linking it here so that you will if this happens to you. I almost paid $50 for a something called Flash File Recovery, but I would have had to wait up to 2 days for my authorization code. There’s nothing like instant gratification. Bizarrely, the 7 most interesting pictures on the card remained corrupted. But my brother had backed these up so hopefully I can get them off him.

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Let me be the one

I’ve been working almost non-stop since I last wrote, and I have to admit that I’m stuck in a cycle of The Carpenters, Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark that I neither want or am able to get out of. Pretty odd! Currently spinning is Petula’s ‘Beautiful Sounds’, a vocal version of a track I know as an instrumental on Michel Colombier’s fine but weird ‘Capot Pointu‘ album.

In other news, I bought an electric piano, so if you hear someone playing and singing along to ‘Let me be the one’ or ‘Rainy days and mondays’ really loudly that’s probably me.

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