Telstar in German by Camillo

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Sad song

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Saw Slowdive two nights running with my old friend Mark.

They still had it!  Really lovely feelgood factor in the room. Delighted for them and all that.

The second show at the Village Underground was rammed with people and slightly less fun. Sounded great though.

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Marathon -no

I hurt my knee and couldn’t do it.  Next year though.

Doing the Hackney Half next month instead.

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Julia Brightly

I wrote this piece to commemorate our work with Julia as a producer.

Terrible shock. We won’t forget her.

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The London Marathon 2014

Let’s do this!

(I’m over-reaching slightly, yes, but if I don’t do it now I probably never will…)

I’m running in aid of Health Poverty Action

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Lou Reed

When I got on a train yesterday I read a few competing stories. Some said he was dead. Others said there was a hoax that said he was dead and he was alive.

I concluded he was alive.

When I got home it was confirmed he was dead.  At this point I didn’t know what to think and his death still hasn’t registered.  I like a lot of his stuff very much – I have all the VU albums and a few of his solo records. I have a bootleg of his pre-VU ‘Primitives’ work including ‘Do the Ostrich’.

But I think the latest album I have is 1973′s Berlin, so I can’t sit here and say his death is going to affect me.  This normally wouldn’t stop me from having a bit of meditative listen to the music, but in this case my brain is confused and still won’t believe the guy is dead.  To add to this, I haven’t listened to any of his recent music, and it goes without saying I’ve never met him. So basically he’s as alive to me today as he was yesterday or last week.

I’m just writing this down because for me, being a bit of a slow one to take these things up, this is the first death on social media I’ve witnessed where it was all very messy and confusing. This leaves me not sure what to believe, even after the facts have been confirmed.

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Great old/fading NYC blog

One just like this for London would go down very well.

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Sick Ray Conniff Cover

Ray Conniff must be sex music in New Zealand

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Just checking out this new Spotify Play button thing.  Actually it’s underwhelming – it doesn’t play it for you inline – it just starts up Spotify (at least on my Mac it does anyway). So I fail to see what the advantage is over just having a link using the spotify URI.

But in checking out, I figured out that there really is a heck of a lot of stuff on Spotify now. Wow. I mean a lot of stuff still isn’t, but they have some seriously obscure LPs.  Peg o My Heart by Robert Maxwell. I wasn’t expecting that and couldn’t imagine a market for it.  Loads of records I hunted down fanatically on LP or CD – Knef for example.

One really good thing about it is that it can confirm suspicions – such as my suspicion that it would be impossible to do a decent cover of Se Telefonando by Mina. There are dozens of random recordings/karaoke tracks. All dreadful!

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