ok. well today I will kick off with what I will mostly be doing here. Yep, talking about records which I buy. Today I got 2 shipments – a stack of stuff I bought from Dustygroove, and a record I got on ebay.

Most of this stuff is on vinyl, so I haven’t yet listened to it. Still, here’s what I got:

1. Dustygroove:
Howard Roberts – Jaunty Jolly!/Guilty!! (2 on 1 CD)

  This is really pretty cool. 2 great pop jazz albums from his late 60s period on Capitol. The tracks range through jazz/pop/bossa. Some of his guitar playing can get a little noodley, but overall the sound is very cool. Dave Grusin plays the organ, and this was back when he was cool and doing soundtracks for stuff like ‘The Graduate’, so it’s cool.

2. Dustygroove:
Jorge Ben – Forca Bruta, Elis Regina – Elis in London, Claudia – voce Claudia voce (all Brasilian vinyl reissues of dubious origin – ie. bootlegs)

I’ve never heard the Ben or Regina in their entirety, but they contain some tracks which I think are incredible. I bought the Claudia because it contains a cover of Marcos Valle’s Garra, which is a big fave of mine. Let’s hope they all live up to my expectations!

3. Dustygroove:
Compilations – Bossa galore – lounge at cinevox

This seemed a bargain at $12. I’m not sure if it is yet, but it sounds nice. Italian soundtrack bossas from the 60s and 70s. More on this when I have checked it out properly.

4. Ebay: Ramsay Lewis – Inside Ramsey Lewis 2LP

I haven’t listened to this yet, but it looks like a great compilation of his late 60s jazzy piano pop stuff. His records are everywhere, which probably gives off the impression that they aren’t much good. All the ones I’ve heard are great though. Nice swingin pop stuff, produced/arranged by Richard Evans, who was one of those midas touch guys. This comp has 20 tracks, all of which are from the 1966-1970 period. I’m looking forward to checking this out.

If anyone is reading this (and since I didn’t tell anyone about it, I doubt they are), let me know if you think I’m a boring freak…


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