Don’t Follow Me

I read about a new mp3 format today, mp3pro. It seems pretty cool. In a nutshell, it uses a better encoding method, with the result that songs encoded at 64kbps sound more like they were encoded at 128 kbs. You can check this out by downloading a trial player from this URL and listening to my silly album, which I’ve encoded at 64kbps using the new system – all tracks are available here.

Last night I was at Bar d’O for the monthly In Hi-fi party. It was pleasant as always. I managed to muster the stamina to stay and hear all the different DJs – Scott, Jack, plus guests The Millionaire and Chuck Kelly. A few cuts I’ve been really into recently were aired – e.g. ‘Cry baby cry’ by Ramsey Lewis, and ‘mlfjklsdjfl;asdfkj sld’ (an unpronouncable name I can’t remember) by Stu Phillips from the ‘Follow me’ soundtrack.

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