Impossible Nonsense

Here are the final track annotations for ‘Impossible Music‘.

Purple Cow‘ is quite amusing. It features some stupid singing from me, and a mystery relative of mine doing a rap. It’s pretty dumb, as I have no doubt you will agree.

I apologize for my earlier remark‘ is actually the first track I completed for this. I spent about 10 minutes on it, and it shows. Weirdy backwards singing and some guitar are laid over a nice Cy Coleman sample. After 30 seconds or so it peters out. Pop genius? I have a while to go yet…

Drunken Mechanic‘. Ok, I think we’ve now reached the bottom of the barrel. I sample a french girls chorus and lay a pretty lame beat over it, Fat boy slim-style. Until just before my deadline to press the CD of this album, that was about all I had. It was about 4 in the morning, and so I hauled myself up and laid down a couple of completely random parts on the synth. Around this time I became so tired that I started walking into things and had to go to bed. So this is more of a historical document than a song really.

Fine Spray‘. This one is pleasant enough, mainly because my only performances for it were ‘pouring a glass of orange juice’ and ‘flushing the toilet’. The rest of it is merely an assortment of watery samples and strangely modern-indie-sounding 60s surf track.

Soft Landing‘, the final track on the album, is a case study in how to get lots of great samples together and contrive something crap out of them. From the moment I heard the Luiz Bonfa/Maria Toledo sample which takes up most of the latter half of this song, I was eager to cut it up and make something great out of it. For whatever reason, that didn’t really happen. Hmm.

Alright, I’m done with this nonsense now, I promise. Until the next nonsense comes along.

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