Impossible Music

As threatened, I am going to introduce some more clangers from my ‘Impossible Music’ album.

Red drink‘ is built on 2 samples: one from Lalo Schifrin‘s ‘the wave’ (from his great early 60s album ‘piano, strings and bossa nova’, aka ‘Insensatez’), and one from Gallon Drunk‘s superb 1992 album ‘You the night and the music’ (I can’t remember exactly which track this is from; I think it may be ‘tornado’). Anyway, I used the two together because on first listen, Lalo’s ‘the wave’ sounded exactly like Gallon Drunk to me – the harsh piano sound was very familiar. I contribute almost nothing to this song – just sample manipulation and a little piano noodling near the end.

He just left‘ is a repetitive little atmospheric piece with a Lee Hazlewood voice sample from ‘the NSVIP’s’. This one really could have been a lot better, but I was in a rush and didn’t really end up developing it at all. The string backing is from a surprisingly good Andy Williams LP called, I think ‘The face I love’.

I don’t remember what I ended up calling this one, but it’s a sadly underdeveloped little harp riff with a slow rock beat put behind it. I like it, so I wanted to use it, but alas, the listener ends up coming away from this one saying ‘what’s the point’…

Are you alright in there? is a very stupid backwards russian large beat song. I should have polished up a little more. Maybe I’ll return to it and score a monster club hit. But somehow I doubt it.

Ok, we’re really getting to the bottom of the barrel here, but there’s a couple more I will introduce later. Then we can be done with all this nonsense.

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