I have bought a ludicrous number of things recently, but alas have no time to really report much on them. The big one is probably the Margo Guryan album ‘take a picture’, recently reissued on CD. I’m a little behind on this one, but I’m not too bothered. What a wonderful album! Fresh, excellently produced female vocal pop from 1968. Quite magnificent; it turns out that Margo also wrote the classic songs ‘Sunday morning’ and ‘think of rain’ (brought to my attention by spanky and our gang and Claudine Longet respectively. Anyway, a friend of mine mentioned it to me, and I’m very glad he did. Proper album review to come very soon.

I also bought the new Marcos Valle album, ‘escape’ (it was recommended very highly to me. It does sound cool. Definitely more to my taste than ‘Nova bossa nova’) and a gainsbourg CD from the ‘gainsbourg a gainsbarre’ box set. I have 4 or 5 now; it would be cool to have them all, and this one was available for $8 at Tower outlet.

If anyone from nyc is reading this, get down to Tower outlet at 4th and Lafayette – they have some quite incredible deals there at the moment.

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