Wow, I really can’t get that Margo Guryan album off my mind. I would recommend it to anyone – check it out some sound samples online. Anyway, I left it at home today, and have instead been listening to a great Michel Legrand compilation. The guy really is unbelievably cool, and his scat vocals are out of this world.

Compilation - Lou Donaldson: 'Ha' Mercy' (LP; Cadet; 1963-1970)
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This just came in from ebay, and I'm very much looking forward to checking it out. It's a compilation of Lou's material on Argo and Cadet in the mid-late 60s, and the idea of a sound reminiscent of both his groovy early 60s Blue note material and the 'cadet sound' is mouthwatering. I have never once seen one of his original cadet LPs, so this seemed like the next best thing. Being a bit of a geek, I have already done some research on this album, both at and the wonderful Here is the info I came up with for the tracks on this compilation:

track name - album - year

1. hello dolly - Blowin in the wind - 1966

2. wig blues - At his best - 1966

3. cole slaw - Cole Slaw - 1964

4. man with a horn - Cole Slaw - 1964

5. ld blues - Rough House Blues 1966 or 1964

6. fried buzzard - Fried Buzzard 1970 or 1968 or 1965

7. time after time - Signifyin' - 1963

8. si si safronia - Signifyin' - 1963

9. tippin in - Rough House Blues 1966 or 1964

10. possum head - Possum Head - 1964

11. who can I turn to - Blowin in the wind - 1966

12. we - Fried Buzzard 1970 or 1968 or 1965

13. ha' mercy - Musty Rusty 1965

14. skylark - Cole Slaw - 1964

15. herman's mambo - Blowin in the wind - 1966

16. secret love - Possum Head - 1964

17. signifyin - Signifyin' - 1963

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