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I had a strong desire to buy records today. The ones I had in mind were Nicola Conte‘s ‘Forma 2000′ (?) and Gerardo Frisina‘s ‘Ad lib’. So I went all the way down to Other Music, only to find that they didn’t have the Frisina, and the Conte was available only as some cheesy American edition, renamed ‘bossa per due’ for the domestic market, with an ugly cover. I know now that I am fickle, because looking like that, I suddenly didn’t want to buy it at all. I went to Tower Outlet instead and spent less money.

Another band practice tonight. I’ve started putting a new website together for the band. At the moment there’s just a graphic there, but soon there will be more (mp3s, bios), as I try to promote the gig we have on August 28th. The site is at

Compilation - Francesco De Masi: 'Film Music, Volume 2' (CD; Vivi Musica; 1961-1984)
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Hmm. I bought this on the strength of the Easy Tempo compiled 'diamond bossa nova', and at 5 bucks it seemed a good deal. Alas, it's essentially an unstylishly put together mix of reasonably generic sounding film music. The disc includes selections from six different films. Although none of the others are bad exactly, only the last film, 'il racconto della giungla' is really to my taste - it has some cool organ and percussion and quite a nice groove to it...

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