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Ok, I think I will get back to posting more regularly now. It has been interesting to observe the different reactions to last Tuesday’s events amongst my friends. Most people here in NYC have been as shaky, paranoid and generally distressed as I have, but people in Europe not surprisingly have a different outlook. My brother, who works in the financial district of London, was extremely shaken up at the time, but has now booked a trip to come and see me in a couple of weeks, as he had previously planned. Others have scoffed over people predicting the end of the world. Just because this atrocity was able to happen, some people are saying that *anything* can happen, and that’s ridiculous, they tell me. Well, maybe that’s true, but for me in NYC, it felt like armageddon, and is only just starting to feel better.

Anyway, on a happier note, my guest DJ spot has been rescheduled for tomorrow night, Thursday 20th September. It’s at Bar d’O, which is on the corner of Bedford and Downing Streets in Manhattan’s west village.

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