I don’t mean to be morbid, but if anyone owns John Rydgren’s ‘Silhouette Segments’, listen to the track ‘the disadvantages of life’. It sounds very odd, listening to it now after the events of 11th September. Eerie talk of ‘things going up in smoke’… If you’re not familiar with this incredible release, check it out here (just over half way down the page there is cover art, a review and sound samples)

The DJ session was fun. I would rather have been doing it under different circumstances—everyone was rather subdued, and was obviously discussing current events—but still, I’m glad to have done it.

Here is a partial account of my set (from memory). It essentially started out very quiet and late 60s cinematic easy listening-centric, and then veered into Brazilian pop and Latin Jazz:

Piero Umiliani – la foresta incantata

Francis Lai – footprints on the moon

City of Westminster String Band – a picture of you

Charles Fox – a moment to share

Julie London – Like to get to know you

The 18th Century Corporation – walk on by

First Natural Hair Band – ripped apart by metal explosions

Walter Wanderley – Kee ka roo

Marcos Valle – Garra

Al Caiola – For a few dollars more

Augusto Alguero – Stay with me forever (bossa instr)

Bossa Rio – Saiupa

John Schroeder – Paramibo

Oscar Peterson – Sunny

Willie Bobo – Spanish Grease

Nico Gomez – Baila Chiquiban

Johnny Zamot – Boogaloo baby

Cal Tjader – Cuchy frito man

Xavier Cugat – Watermelon man

Nico Gomez – Rio

Hildegard Knef – Ferienzeit

Cal Tjader – solar heat

I didn’t get to play several things I meant to – e.g. Margo Guryan, Jorge Ben, The city of westminster string band version of ‘oh you pretty things’, Ronnie Aldrich’s ‘Do it again’, Scott Walker’s version of ‘Stormy’. I guess for some of these things there was just no time in the progression, and for others, they seemed a little too goofy to play that night somehow.

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