So, I’m going to see Bjork tonight at Radio City Music Hall. I’ve been too busy to get remotely excited about it. In fact, I was lamenting this morning about how I must have become quite old, since I don’t get excited about things that much anymore. Like, I remember in 1991 getting tickets for the Morrissey show at the Kilburn National club about two months in advance, and counting down the days. By contrast, although I bought it, I’ve hardly listened to the Bjork album, and have had such a hard week that I’m worried about falling asleep later. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing the inside of Radio City, and it sounds like it will be an elaborate show.

Oh, and on Wednesday night we played another show. We have a new name, ‘The Isolators’. We were ok. Not as good a turnout as the last show, but hey……..

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