Bjork was kind of amazing. Radio City Music Hall is a beautiful venue, but they suck for not stating in advance that cameras would be confiscated – we weren’t even going to use it, and had to waste an hour at the end of the show waiting to pick it up. Bjork had some sparkly outfits, and the sound of the stripped down electronics and her voice alongside a full orchestra was really astounding, particularly on her anthemic masterpieces ‘isobel’ and ‘bachelorette’.

I was just having a random internet voyage in search of new music, and I came across this interesting page. I’m coming across this kind of thing a lot – more and more of the people I encounter when looking for records are really massivly into hip-hop. Often these people seem to get turned on to older records by hearing them sampled on modern records. I tend to get into things a different way, but thinking about it, I’m probably a bit further down the ‘record information’ chain. Stuff I’m into like Dorothy Ashby probably surfaced in my life through 1) someone sampling it; 2) someone being turned onto it enough for it to get reissued 3) someone enthusing about the reissue to me. I’m not putting it very eloquently, but I guess I’m trying to say that it’s interesting how different musical ‘communities’ end up being into the same stuff, even though on the surface you’d think ‘hip hop fans’ and ‘instrumental pop/jazz/soundtrack’ fans might be into very different stuff.

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