I don’t think I have bought one CD this year. Actually, that’s not true – I had that order from dustygroove the other week with the Gainsbourg film work box set. But anyway, in general, I’ve been being very disciplined, not buying any CDs from stores. Anyway, you can write about CDs even if you didn’t actually end up buying them.

Here’s some records I had in my hand in the store, but ended up not buying recently: today I was at Academy (superb used CD store on 18th St., NYC), and someone had traded in his ‘Cocktail Nation’ CD collection – so they had all the Martin Denny 2-on-1 CDs on the Scamp label, a couple of volumes of Ultra Lounge, etc. I actually didn’t own any of these discs, and was certainly tempted by the Denny ones, particularly in view of my recently heightened interest in classic exotica. But anyway, I resisted.

And last week I was in Tower Records’s World music store (which, while overpriced, is actually a pretty decent store). I nearly bought a Japanese pressing of a Quarteto Em Cy record (it was so beautiful that it seemed cheap at $16.99 – ridiculous, eh..) AND a Japanese pressing of Marcos Valle’s ‘Viola Enlurada’ with an extra track, for $24.99 (reduced from $29.99 – bargain!).

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