This is hardly the kind of thing I would normally link to, but it is really rather neat. I had a nice day today, recording a couple of songs (ok, I didn’t actually finish them) and listening to a lot of records. Still having a remarkably thrifty month.

I should really tidy them up or annotate them before posting them, but here, for no particular reason (other than that it’s a good place for me to store them for the future) are the playlists for our multidisc CD player over the last couple of years: 24th June 2000, 14th August 2000, 5th December 2000, Jan 29th 2001, 10th June 2001, 3rd December 2001 (these discs are still in there). We actually got the player back in 99, but the first couple of lists were before we had a computer at home (seems amazing now), so they were handwritten. My, what fascinating stuff!

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