I wrote a song today. I recorded it. It sounds ok. I will be recording it many, many more times before I let you hear it though. Recording things well is something I struggle with.

Here’s a few more things I bought at the WFMU fair.

Compilation - Golden Boys: 'Golden Boys' (CD; EMI/Copacabana; 1959-1970)
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I picked this up on the basis of the astounding Golden Boys version of 'Berimbau' that is featured on the Blue Brasil volume 2 (or is it volume 3?) CD. That track was an electrifying mix of jerky rhythms, twangy fuzz guitar, morriconian orchestrations and vocal harmonies.

This 2CD set alas turns out to be mostly 50s/60s covers in an early rock'n'roll/doo wop style. Some of the tracks are recast with Portuguese lyrics, which is interesting, but not really what I was looking for.

Among the 28 tracks, 2 really stand out. 'Quero Ihe Dizer Cantando' from 1968 really sounds like it's from the same album from which the aforementioned version of 'Berimbau' was taken. It starts with a twangy, distorted electric guitar, and has the same nice mix of harmonies, strings and good jerky percussion. 'O Cabecao' from 1970 is more ridiculous, but still quite fun. It opens with a cheesy guitar and beat, sounding uncannily like 1990-1991 Soup Dragons or The Farm.

All in all, while it's interesting to hear the influence that early rock'n'roll had in Brazil, I think a compilation with Golden Boys singing exclusively Brazilian material would suit me better.

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