My final WFMU purchase is detailed below. I was pretty restrained this time around.

Those in New York, please stop by The Party this Thursday night. I’ll be DJing alongside the regulars. The drinks are cheap, and it really is a good night out.

Compilation - Golden Boys: 'Golden Boys' (CD; EMI/Copacabana; 1959-1970)
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I picked this up on the basis of the astounding Golden Boys version of 'Berimbau' that is featured on the Blue Brasil volume 2 (or is it volume 3?) CD. That track was an electrifying mix of jerky rhythms, twangy fuzz guitar, morriconian orchestrations and vocal harmonies.

This 2CD set alas turns out to be mostly 50s/60s covers in an early rock'n'roll/doo wop style. Some of the tracks are recast with Portuguese lyrics, which is interesting, but not really what I was looking for.

Among the 28 tracks, 2 really stand out. 'Quero Ihe Dizer Cantando' from 1968 really sounds like it's from the same album from which the aforementioned version of 'Berimbau' was taken. It starts with a twangy, distorted electric guitar, and has the same nice mix of harmonies, strings and good jerky percussion. 'O Cabecao' from 1970 is more ridiculous, but still quite fun. It opens with a cheesy guitar and beat, sounding uncannily like 1990-1991 Soup Dragons or The Farm.

All in all, while it's interesting to hear the influence that early rock'n'roll had in Brazil, I think a compilation with Golden Boys singing exclusively Brazilian material would suit me better.

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