A funny week at work. I’ve taken to reviewing pizza restaurants on citysearch.

I have a few music recording things planned for the weekend and next week. Basically I need to sleep though.

Elis Regina and Antonio Carlos Jobim: 'Elis & Tom' (CD; Philips; 1974)
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This is a strange record. Some days I can't stand it, but some days I love it. Perhaps because it's so widely known and played, I find it slightly too sweet sometimes. But it has an undeniable charm as well. The version of 'Águas de março' is my favorite take on this song.

Compilation - Julie London: 'Julie...at home/Around Midnight' (CD; EMI; 1960)
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One of the best 2-on-1 Julie London reissues there is, alongside 'Julie is her name 1 & 2'. Here's what I wrote about this on Amazon a few years ago:

Both albums are brilliant. 'At home' is dominated by bouncy, vibes-oriented small-combo jazz. 'Round Midnight' is a devastatingly moving masterpiece, with some thick orchestral arrangements. When you listen to the song 'round midnight', you might die, so be sure to keep all guns, dangerous pills etc locked up.

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