Today is innately depressing. My team lost to their deadliest rivals. The weather is miserable. And lots more shit I’m not going to talk about here. However, I have music at least.

Compilation: 'Sound Spectrum' (CD; Castle; 1966-1973)
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It was this 1995 compilation that unleashed the glory of Roy Budd's Get Carter soundtrack on my previously ignorant ears. Four glorious tracks from that masterpiece open the Sound Spectrum, which remains one of my absolute favorite compilations. The tablas, harpsichord and sound effects on the main theme are so intoxicatingly atmospheric that I feel shivery listening to them even now.

Although the main Get Carter theme is repetitive, the other cuts chosen here are different - more soulful, with poppy lyrics. All of the cuts are dominated by Budd's bluesey organ soloing.

Other highlights (and there are many) include the City of Westminster String Band's takes on 'A touch of velvet' and 'Split Level', Chico Rey and the Jet Band's incredible bouncy take on the theme from 'Stiletto', Roy Budd's wonderful 'Hurry to me' (aka Ennio Morricone's 'Metti...' theme). Also making a couple of covert appearances is Angelo Badalamenti (aka Andy Badale) as Sister Goose & the Ducklings and Badder than Evil.

Finally, this is also where I first discovered the Cecil Holmes Soulful Sound version of the 2001 theme (from an LP I have called 'Black Motion Picture Experience'). This may have been inspired by Deodato's version, but in my opinion, it eclipses it.

All in all, this is an utterly brilliant compilation - the mood of every track is delightful.

1. Get carter - Roy Budd
2. Love is a four letter word - Roy Budd
3. Getting nowhere in a hurry - Roy Budd
4. Plaything - Roy Budd
5. Hurry to me - Roy Budd
6. Grow your own - John Schroeder
7. Headband - John Schroeder
8. Touch of velvet - City Of Westminster String Band
9. Split level - City Of Westminster String Band
10. Stiletto - Chico Rey & The Jet Band
11. Heavy Water - Ray Davies& His Funky Trumpet
12. Mach 1 - Ray Davies & His Funky Trumpet
13. Speakin' of spoken - Lovin' Spoonful
14. Supershine No 9 - Sister Goose And The Ducklings
15. Loner - Milton Hunter
16. Busy body - Ted Dicks
17. Birds - Tony Hatch
18. 2001 - Cecil Holmes Soulful Sound
19. Pegasus - Mike Vickers
20. Hot wheels - Badder Than Evil

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