Yet another Ennio Morricone remix project is out, this time from Compost records. I hope it will be good, but I have a feeling I’m more into their reissues than their new stuff. Still, there are some excellent track choices, so you never know… The new Mondo Morricone compilation has been released, and the earlier ones re-released, by Cinesoundz. They seem to have redesigned the covers, which amazes me, since the original designs, by Stefan Kassel, are just about the best CD covers I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if he did the new ones as well; the release seems to be a joint one with Royal Ear Force, a label founded by the excellent Stereo Deluxe.

In other news, we got one of our first reviews the other day at Score Baby!. He seems to quite like the record, which is cool.

I also read this interesting story about the resurgence of big bands in Taiwan.

Danny Guglielmi and Dena: 'Adventure in Sound' (LP; TOPS; 1955)
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A great album. Kind of a Les Paul/Mary Ford knockoff, but with a charm all of its own. It features early multitrack taping techniques, interesting sound effects, and ethereal vocals.

I know that a campaign was underway to have this album reissued, but sadly I don't think it came to fruition. Classic 50s cover that almost mirrors Alvino Rey's My Reverie.

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