And here’s some more of my favorite album covers.

Esquivel: 'Outros Mundos Outros Sons' (LP; RCA; 1959)
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I was delighted to pick up this classic LP in Brazil with a translated title on the cover. Sadly, this Brazilian pressing doesn't seem to have stood up to 40 years of wear and tear very well, in contrast to the US RCA pressings of the era, which are on the whole astonishingly durable.

It really is an amazing cover. It has become so familiar to me now that I forget how incredible the glamorous girl on the lunar landscape really is. I now own this album in three different formats. I understand that I'm an interesting guy. RCA in the UK reissued this album back in 1996, and it was through that CD that I first heard it. I think the whole thing is a masterpiece, but I was always particularly fond of 'Granada' and 'Night and Day'. Later that year I picked up the US pressing, and then last summer I found this one. One of the great things about this kind of music going out of style is that one can finally pick up Esquivel records quite cheaply.

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