Just checking out this new Spotify Play button thing.  Actually it’s underwhelming – it doesn’t play it for you inline – it just starts up Spotify (at least on my Mac it does anyway). So I fail to see what the advantage is over just having a link using the spotify URI.

But in checking out, I figured out that there really is a heck of a lot of stuff on Spotify now. Wow. I mean a lot of stuff still isn’t, but they have some seriously obscure LPs.  Peg o My Heart by Robert Maxwell. I wasn’t expecting that and couldn’t imagine a market for it.  Loads of records I hunted down fanatically on LP or CD – Knef for example.

One really good thing about it is that it can confirm suspicions – such as my suspicion that it would be impossible to do a decent cover of Se Telefonando by Mina. There are dozens of random recordings/karaoke tracks. All dreadful!

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