NYC and let’s waste some money part 1,018

Why the long absence? Well, I guess I just drift away sometimes.

We had an enjoyable trip to NYC, via Iceland. I bought records in both places. Finding records in Reykjavik was no easy task, but luckily we were there on a Saturday, which is the day they have a (reasonably) big fleamarket. Most of the records there were Danish or American, but I did find a surprisingly cool Icelandic psych-rock 45 from 1970. It’s not often that something bought completely blind for the sake of it turns out to be good, so I was pleased!

I didn’t go too crazy with record shopping in NYC, but couldn’t resist trips to my old haunts Academy Records (both the CD store on W18th St and the record store on E10th St) and the markets at Chelsea (lots of amazing records for $1. I couldn’t buy too many, but I wish I still lived nearby!).

Mostly the trip was spent wandering around in the heat, feeling a little strange to be on holiday in a place I know so well. Misty Roses played a show at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, and it went very well.

Music-wise I’ve mostly been immersing myself in an enormous collection of Brazilian music passed onto me by Diego. Oh, and I bought an iPod mini. I think perhaps the whole iPod thing is over-rated, but I figured I’d give it a go. So far I think it’s pretty nice. But while it’s certainly light enough to carry, I haven’t really been taking it around with me. I guess I’m scared of getting it stolen. Possibly not the best use of money ever for me…

Weekly hitlists will resume soon I hope.

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