I made a record!

Misty Roses: Komodo Dragons
I’m delighted to announce that the debut Misty Roses album, Komodo Dragons has now been released. We finished initial work on the record in May 2003, back when I was still living in the US, but unsurprisingly, actually releasing the record took a little longer. The album available to buy now from the Frog Man Jake shop, and will soon be available in selected stores in the US and UK. I put a lot of work into this, so it would really be a nice gesture if you could buy a copy! As well as 9 studio tracks, the album includes some fantastic and exclusive remixes by LuxuriaMusic, Ursula 1000, San Serac and Lumen.

We will be going on tour with San Serac around the North-East of the USA to promote the album, and to promote San Serac’s excellent Ice Age. The tour starts on September 30th. We’re playing a couple of dates in NYC, plus Providence, Chicago, Western Mass., Baltimore and Philadelphia. Full details of the tour are available on the Frog Man Jake Misty Roses page. We’ve been working hard in preparation, and will introduce some new songs as well as some interesting cover versions. So please come along if you’re in the area! For the final Philadelphia date, there’s the added bonus of hearing Don Miller, creator of Balansamba DJing! We hope to tour the rest of the US before too long, as well as some European dates.

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