Well well well

With the 10th anniversary of this blog approaching I’ve moved it onto a new platform so I can continue to post to it.

At the end of the year 2000 I came up with the idea of Musical Taste, and I launched it in March 2001. At this stage I had no idea what a blog was, but a lot of them came up in my web stats.  Shedloads of them actually. I thought ‘hey, this looks like an improvement on Geocities’, and went and signed up for Blogger. I have imported all the posts over here.  I went through a few stretches of actually writing stuff. Much of it is seriously dull but I’m preserving it as a historical record.

Later in 2001 I responded to an email from then Blogger owner Evan Williams (now Twitter magnate). He said ‘please mate, can you spare a bit of change – we are out of cash’. I sent $14.  Within 2 years Google had bought the thing so I’m guessing his money problems were resolved.  Earlier this year Google ended support for FTP updating in Blogger, which is why I have finally migrated it to WordPress.

I will write a new blog post every day from now on.

That’s a joke.

Let’s be honest, the posts from the last 4 years can be counted on 2 hands. But give me some credit – I didn’t let it die completely!

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