I am feeling blue today. Outside it’s overcast, and inside it’s overcast. Anyway, I tried to right things by ………….surprise – buying some records. Only one. Well, I got my batch of McCarthy and Popguns stuff in the mail from musicweb. One of the McCarthy 12 inches had mold stains on the sleeve, but at $1.99 I guess I can’t complain. Well, I could, but I won’t.

The record I bought today was from Midnight Records on 23rd st at 8th Avenue, which seems to be a rock’n’roll/surf specialty store. Odd store! Anyway, after weeks of typing in song recommendations on my musical taste page, I realized that I should really branch out from ‘beautiful lush string-laden bossas’. I do like other stuff, but I think I have become obsessed, like at 15 when I would only listen to the Smiths. So, I bought ‘Surfer’s Mood vol IV’ an interesting-looking vinyl compilation of early 60s latin-influenced West coast surf music. It was about time I took a gamble, I think. It looks very cool, and includes a version of ‘moon of mankoora’, which is a great tune.

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