Yikes, I’m all alone now…

Anyway, a record arrived in the mail today to cheer me up: Brother Jack McDuff‘s ‘The Natural Thing’. And you know what? It’s pretty good. It’s from 1968 on the cadet label, which was always going to be promising. Side A is nice and funky (reminiscent of, but not exactly like Ramsey Lewis and Dorothy Ashby‘s LPs from this era on Cadet), while side B is more jazzy. This was produced by someone called Lew Futterman, as opposed to Richard Evans, who instead is credited with ‘Album Supervision’. The sound is reminiscent of Evans’s work, but not the same, so perhaps Futterman was some kind of apprentice. Either way, it’s very cool, and the tracks are nice and short, more managable than the long tracks on some of Brother Jack’s earlier LPs… This is actually only the second LP of his I’ve ever bought my own copy of – a couple of years ago I bought a ‘best of’ on Prestige which was very cool…

The Lalo Schifrin ‘Insensatez’ LP is quite superb, and I can’t quite believe I had gone this long before getting a copy. It’s superbly atmospheric, and almost every track has a madly strong and insistent bossa beat, always audible over the layers of strings and piano. Very highly recommended.

Other than that, I don’t believe I’ve bought anything for a few days, although I admit I just drowned my sorrows at being left alone for a few weeks by indulging in a frenzy of ebay bidding.

Oh, and the ‘surfer’s mood’ compilation is very cool as well. Many of tracks have a Joe Meek type of early 60s sound on them; a couple of others sound incredibly like some late 80s indie, in particular a great number called ‘Mr. Miff’ by the July 4.

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