Well, it’s working! I’m not buying any new records this week, or even listening to much stuff, so that I can focus on my own music.

The last 2 evenings I was up well into the night finishing off the themes and incidental music for my old mate Tony’s film, This is not a room.

If the other musical endeavors I have planned for the next 2 weeks are as hard to get out as these were, I’m in for a tough time. I originally wrote and recorded the theme in one day in February. It was really pretty good; just maybe needed better mixing and a few extra tracks. Anyway, I farted about with it for weeks, just making it worse, before Tony wisely slapped a deadline on me and gave me details of timings etc. It’s now pretty much done. I’m quite happy with it, but not exactly delighted. I think the theme is pretty cool, and I’m happy with the composition. However, the playing isn’t perfect, and I have a considerable way to go when it comes to perfecting recording techniques. Not quite ready to join Lalo Schifrin, John Barry and Henry Mancini in the soundtracks hall of fame yet, I’m afraid…..

Anyway, I’m pleased to have got most of the film stuff off my plate so I can work on my instrumental pop masterpiece, ‘ ‘Impossible Music’. Let’s hope it’s a masterpiece, eh…

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