Well, I’m back. The lack of recent posts has been due to the fact that while at work I have been working hard, and while at home I’ve been mostly sleeping. I have no major new music purchases to report; I did get a used CD in the mail last week – the Young Holt Trio‘s ‘Wack Wack’ album from 1967. It’s pretty nice – very like the Ramsey Lewis material from the earlier 60s, except possibly a little simpler, with a tiny bit of funny spoken stuff over the top (e.g. ‘You KNOW I love you baby….!’).
Other music related activity – I finished ‘Impossible music’, and will post the entire thing here for all my screaming fans. I think it’s pretty awful, very silly and under-rehearsed. But I’m glad I did it anyway. High(low)lights? Well, there are 12 songs, a few of which are really 40 second fillers. Of the songs with any substance at all (and there’s not much), ‘Komorov’s Dream‘ is quite interesting (if you like sheer nonsense involving backwards russian speech), ‘warmer times‘ is nice and summer-y, even though it’s a total new order/Smiths/Cocteau Twins rip-off. What else… ‘Impossible music‘ the title track is a ludicrous sound collage; I don’t like it at all, but I smile when I hear it. I’ll maybe introduce a couple more tracks tomorrow, but I’m warning you, these are probably the best ones…Also, esther and I changed the CDs in our 101 CD jukebox. Here is a list of the CDs I put in there. I may annotate this at some point. It’s always nice to listen to a few tracks on random play after changing the CDs – lots of interesting tracks I never knew I had always seem to come on…

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