Sorry things have petered out slightly over here. I’ve actually been buying as much music as ever – thanks to an increase in disposable income and the proximity of my current contracting job to a very good and inexpensive record shop (Fopp near Leicester Square in London). But the volume of work has really mushroomed; sorry about that… I will be back.

Another consequence of working a lot is that it may have broadened my taste somewhat. I picked up 2 different compilations of 80s ‘indiepop’ (formally known as ‘indie’) and ‘post-punk’ very cheaply at the aforementoned shop. Both were put together by Rough Trade shops. Not surprisingly, I got very into lots of the tracks on the ‘indiepop’ one, revisiting my days as a jangly guitar loving 15 year old. The post punk one did slightly less for me – some of these ‘classic’ songs seemed very stiff and serious and unplayful to me. There were some corkers though, such as ‘Georges V’ by Les Georges Leningrad, which is available to download here. Totally ridulous and mental unmusical indescribable nonsense. What has happened to me?! I also dug up Sonic Youth’s ‘goo’, just to hear the hopeless screaming on ‘Mildred Pierce’.

But don’t worry, I’m still listening to more Bacharach/Morricone etc than is healthy.

Misty Roses are out on the road starting June 1st. I’ve been practicing hard and am looking forward to it. Hopefully see some people there. Patrick Wolf who we’re supporting is pretty cool too!

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