How Insensitive

I burned 6 or 7 CDs today. With esther’s spanky new computer, this isn’t hard at all. If you have a master disc to copy from (I was mostly making copies of existing compilations I’d made before), it can be done in around 6 minutes, with no pissing around copying files to the harddrive and deleting them. Pretty cool, huh… I made a new brasilian compilation for a friend I’m doing a trade with. This involved trawling through a lot of old archived mp3s as well as encoding some vinyl. A self-indulgent but quite fun way to spend a Sunday. Hit of the day was probably ‘How insensitive’ by Elis Regina. The song is so well known that you wouldn’t expect this to be all that compelling, but the infectious, relentless rhythm, coupled with string arrangements by Peter Knight, who did some of the arrangements on Scott Walker‘s solo albums, make for a really delicious track.

Another mp3 I’m enjoying at this exact moment is Francoise Hardy‘s obscure English language version of Ennio Morricone‘s ‘se telefonando’, most famously recorded by Mina. ‘I will change my life’ is a slighly clumsy sounding track; the backing is identical to that of Francoise’s French version (‘je changerais d’avis’), but somehow the English words don’t sit so well: ‘I will change my whole life everything I ought to remember will soon be gone….I will change my whole life if that’s what you want I’d be glad to let you leave me…oh….I will change all my friends if that’s what you’d like and do anything you want me…to…..if you really love me I know I could give it all up and change my whole life…for…you’. Oddly, this track was only ever referred to as ‘I will change me life’, which as well as making no sense is clearly not what she sings. Hmm.

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