Someone stole Princess Diana’s records
Apparently her butler helped himself to a lot of her stuff, including, “several CDs and vinyl records…including ones by Abba, Tina Turner, Chris de Burgh, Michael Jackson, Supertramp and Leo Sayer.”

Wow, he got some great stuff there, eh…

Actually, I’m not one to talk. I recently made two speculative soundtrack purchases, and if today’s is as bad as yesterday’s then I will be pretty upset. Yesterday’s was a 1969 soundtrack by Mike Curb, ‘The Big Bounce’. It was up on ebay, sealed, and I thought this guy’s soundtrack to ‘Teenage Rebellion’ a couple of years before was great. This really sucks though. Just very uninteresting pop orchestral film music on one side, and cheesy, peppy, bad pop vocals on the other side. Today’s purchase was also a risk, but the record was cheaper, so I’m not so worried: ‘Lovers and Other Strangers’ from 1970, scored by Fred Karlin. Fred is most famous in my head for the famously good ‘Up the down staircase’ soundtrack, which in fact I’ve never actually heard. Anyway, I couldn’t resist buying this sealed for $2, but my expectations aren’t that high, as several of the songs are cheesy looking vocals, and I’m still having nightmares about the ones on ‘the big bounce’…

PS. I think Margo Guryan‘s ‘Take a Picture’ is my favorite album EVER.

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