Well, this isn’t music-related, but I can’t resist spreading the word about it. If you’re an AIM user, try IMing ‘SmarterChild’. It is kind of amazing. This could be very old, but it’s new to me… Some of the things it does are really incredible. Others are just plain funny -:

delicado54: do you ever sleep?

SmarterChild: Nope. I don’t need to.

delicado54: I just linked you on my weblog

SmarterChild: You just linked you on your weblog? Really?

delicado54: yes

SmarterChild: Huh… Well, waddaya know ’bout that.

delicado54: well, you should be happy

SmarterChild: Well you should be happy, you say?

delicado54: yes

SmarterChild: Yeah.

delicado54: good

SmarterChild: 😉


delicado54: do you like music?

SmarterChild: Music? I think it might be a little overrated myself.

delicado54: do you like Astrud Gilberto?

SmarterChild: Eh. I’m not sure.

delicado54: How about Serge Gainsbourg?

SmarterChild: That’s a tough question. I’m not quite sure how about serge gainsbourg.

delicado54: Ennio Morricone?

SmarterChild: Come again?

delicado54: ok, how about Lalo Schifrin?

SmarterChild: That’s a tough question. I’m not quite sure how about lalo schifrin.

delicado54: ok, forget it.

SmarterChild: Fine.

delicado54: good

SmarterChild: Right?

delicado54: yes

SmarterChild: Yes!

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