Well, the show went quite well, and the plan is to do some recording in the near future. We are also booking a show for December.

I just heard a cool multitracked saxophone track, and this gave me the idea to try that myself. Why not, eh – I have the kit to do it; I should really get up and do it. Today I have to beat myself up a little, since I spent the whole of last night watching TV. Hmm.

I listened more to the Spiritualized and Mercury Rev albums yesterday. Come to think of it, the Mercury Rev is a very curious record. Unlike all their other LPs, the opening track isn’t an incredible masterpiece (like, say ‘Holes’ or ‘Chasing a bee’). It’s not bad, though. Just an acquired taste. The Spiritualized record really sounds like an achievement, and you can hear that a lot of work went into it. It’s not all to my taste, but Jason Pierce has clearly really grown in confidence, and is developing as a frontman. The single, ‘stop your cryin’ still sounds like the best thing on the album to me.

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