Today I felt like listening to jazz. And luckily, I work near a very good used CD store.

Milt Jackson: 'For Someone I Love' (CD; Riverside; 1963)
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This album is completely blowing me away. Each track is almost unimaginably cool, with Jackson's slithering vibes leading the way above a strong rhythm section, great drums and percussion, and a wailing, quite wonderful brass section. The brass consists of tuba, french horns, trombones and trumpets, and the players, while not unknown, are not the most famous. Overall, the sound recalls some of Mancini's best 50s work, but somehow sounds even more vital and brilliant to me. More modern things which this reminds me of are Angelo Badalamenti's David Lynch movie soundtracks and the solo work of Barry Adamson.

Probably the standout track for me is the bluesy (What's your story) Morning Glory, which is not a song I knew before, but which sounds like a sped up version of 'Black coffee', with wailing brass and some super-cool bongoes. But the slower tracks are also effective, including a seriously spooky version of one of my favorites, 'flamingo'.

The songs are pretty much standards, with the exception of three Jackson originals, the most prominent of which is the album's last track, the percussive 'Bossa Bag'.

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