Goodbye to Love

I’m just recovering from a serious Carpenters rut. There’s only so many times it’s safe for a person to listen to ‘Rainy Days and Mondays’. I’m obviously a huge fan of Paul Williams, who was responsible for this and many of their other hits. I’ve been listening to his 1988 album recently, and it’s surprisingly good. But I actually chose ‘goodbye to love’ to recommend. Such an amazing recording! And when you follow it up with the version by Wing, the effect is stunning!

I had a couple of days going mad for a Petula Clark compilation called ‘Feelin’ groovy’, but I just recieved the 40-disc ‘Big Band Box’, so that’s all out of the window. GBP 16 including shipping for 40 discs isn’t so bad. There are basically 2-disc sets for 20 different band leaders. I’m only a few tracks into the first disc (Ellington), but I’m already hooked. Check out his ‘Johnny Come Lately (a Strayhorn composition). I’ll review this in some detail in due course.

Thank frig I’ve got my mojo back!

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