Now Shirley Scott has died. This year is nasty that way. And my mouth is still bleeding from the dentist. To remember (or discover) Shirley, I recommend Doug Payne’s page.

Arling and Cameron and Swarte: 'Sound Shopping' (CD; ; 2000)
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I found this used for $5, which seemed a bargain. It sounds fun. I'll never be A&C's biggest fan, because I find them a bit bouncy. But this is definitely interesting. More details to come (I'm trying to actually enter things as I buy them, so please excuse the brevity of this review)

Simian: 'Chemistry is what we are' (CD; ; 2001)
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Everyone (well, one person) was talking to me about this band when I was in England at christmas. So I picked it up for 5.99. I will report back.

Ok, I'm reporting back. It's interesting. Very diferent. Kind of lo-fi, more than I expected. This was my unpolished note upon listening to it: "reminiscent of high llamas, beach boys, (esp on 'one dimension') also droney pop bands"

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