I’m feeling remarkably alive, in view of the fact that I slept only between 11 and 2.30, and between 5 and 8 last night. I don’t recall sleeping much then, either. I had this weird dream in the last stretch that Esther and I were in this vast brownstone-style building that was the size of a cathedral. Across thousands of square feet, it had completely uniform wide wooden floorboards, and one vast bay window at the front. In the back was a big courtyard – kind of like an Oxford or Cambridge college, except bigger.

All of which is more interesting than the England vs. Brazil game turned out to be. The England goal was great, but it seemed to me that the game turned when David Seaman was winded after making a save. In hindsight, perhaps he should have come off. It’s easy to say that now, though! I’ve been predicting all along that Germany will win, and that’s still on. Really, I hope that it will be South Korea or Senegal, though.

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