Hello. I’m really, really tired at this point. I hope I don’t get sick, as seems to be happening to everyone else. I enjoyed reading this Morrissey interview (incidentally, he talks about vegetarianism, not music).

Compilation: 'Ultra Lounge 17: Bongoland' (CD; Capitol; 1958-1966)
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I bought this used a couple of years ago, but had barely listened to it before today. It's really very enjoyable. On some tracks, the intensity of the bongos is a bit much, but many tracks have a very pleasing blend of exotic rhythms, vibes and bongos.

The compilation is helped by the quality of the material being performed, which includes standards like 'Taboo', 'Brazil', 'Caravan' and 'Miserlou', as well as a good Bond tune, 'Dr No's Fantasy'. For me, this is good music to have on CD; I have a few of the original albums (for example, Terry Snyder's Mister Percussion, but rarely listen to them. But in this context, they sound great. Also represented are Al Caiola, Dick Hyman, Les Baxter, Martin Denny and Jack Costanzo.

I've never been a huge fan of the kitschy presentation of the Ultra Lounge series, but I think the quality of the music really shines out on some of the volumes.

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