I’ve been grooving to a few bits of mp3 audio recently. The first couple are from the American Song-Poem Music Archive. Their mp3 page features at least one great track: Rodd Keith’s Run Spook Run, a great mix of lo-fi vocals, 50s beatnik styling and wailing brass. The next is the well-known ‘Blind Man’s Penis (Peace and Love)‘. Although I read about this many years ago in RE:Search’s Pranks book, I had never heard it until I happened upon this mp3. If you’re not familiar with it, check out the background story of the track. My favorite lyric is probably “Warts love my nipples/because they are pink/vomit on me baby, yeah yeah yeah,” but it’s all good [yes, I have an extremely dumb sense of humor. The ‘pranks’ book changed my life]. Finally, if you didn’t check out Patience and Prudence‘s ‘Apples on the Lilac Tree‘ (courtesy of Basic Hip), I urge you to do so. Much as I love their earlier recordings, this track has that pseudo-hip 60s orchestral sound that I love so much. I never knew they recorded tracks like this.

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