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Compilation: 'Glücklich V' (CD; Compost; 1971-2002)
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I have volume 3 in this series, and I recall quite liking it. Maybe it's just today, but volume 5 really didn't do it for me at all...

  1. Racoon feat. Rose Max - Eh Luande (Mimosa Avantgarde Mix)
    This is very smooth. Quite pleasant, bouncy dance music, with tingly piano and a rough Brasilian female vocal. Overall, it's ok, but pretty inconsequential

  2. Rise Ashen - Torn (Blissom Mix)
    Immediately more appealing - dark and smooth, with synthesized strings and a light and bouncy latin beat. However, the 80s style vocals that come in don't improve things. Overall it's nice - a jerky samba beat comes in, and the sound is pretty nice, if a bit smooth.

  3. Os Ipanemas - Icarai
    This is edgy and rather good. This classic Brazilian vocal group came together again last year to record an album. It's simple - percussion, no-harmony group vocals, and intricate guitar work.

  4. Muro - Bohemian (Bah Samba Main Mix)
    Beautiful shimmering strings can't really rescue this track for me. It's just too bloody smooth! The vocals (which recall Lisa Stansfield) add to the effect.

  5. Jorge Ben - Comanche
    A classic track from 1971 with the same kind of over-the-top guitar work and vocals that appeal to me so much. Perhaps some of the other tracks here will sound this good in 31 years, but I doubt it.

  6. Nu Tropic - Moonlight
    This is an interesting track. Essentially it's just a good version of the first couple of tracks here - jazzy basslines and brasilian beats, hyper-smooth production. But the vocal is more Billy Holiday-does Brasil (I wish that had happened) than weak soul, which is more appealing. The track is still repetitive and overlong, however.

  7. R. E. Q. - Casa Forte
    This in obscure 1984 recording of the Edu Lobo classic. The track is a haunting mix of scat vocals and unexpected musical phrases. This is quite a nice version.

  8. Nicola Conte apresenta Rosalia De Souza - Fica Mal Com Deus
    This track seems to benefit hugely from Nicola Conte's involvement. Without the jazzy bongoes, brass flourishes and drum hits, this could have sounded like most of the other tracks here, but in fact, it stands apart.

  9. Rachael Calladine - La La Li
    There's nothing long with this track. It's just pretty much straight smooth sophisticated soul with a Brasilian edge. Beats the shit out of Whitney Houston, but that doesn't make it any more my thing really.

  10. Les Gammas - Outra Vida (Eddy & Dus Remix)
    This is a weird, slightly 70s-sounding instrumental. The vocals are quite nice, but the music sounds kind of like the records my brother used to listen to. It weighs in at 7:28. I guess I shouldn't have bought this CD, huh...

  11. Ben Human - Scott Air (Travelling Light Mix)
    I like this slightly more, probably because there's a bit more variety in the drum sounds, which also get a bit harder. There's still a near-ubiquitous jazzy piano, though. I guess that sound is very big for the DJ/compiler. I favor the vibes myself!

  12. Montefiori Cocktail - Gypsy Woman
    This opens with a nice beat, and ends up being a lot better than you would expect. The tune of this 80s pop hit is taken on the saxophone and flute. It works rather well with the Brasilian percussion. It could have had 4 minutes cut of the length, though...

  13. Aquarius Y Luiz Antonio - Agua De Beber
    This is very smooth, but doesn't suffer so much, because it was recorded in 1973. Hence, it ends up sounding rather interesting, with nice vibes and a strong and clear female vocal.

  14. Wagon Cookin - Lua
    'Lua,' a new release on the Compost label, delivers the same kind of pleasant-enough jazzy Brasilian house sounds that are really pretty inconsequential to my ears.

Just how little I like this surprises me, because I do like a lot of 'similar things', such as smooth 60s and early 70s arrangements, and Brasilian pop. I imagine this stuff grows on you, but the bottom for line for me is that I just don't find it that appealing. I know that the compiler, Rainer Trüby, is hugely admired and adored, and I respect him for chasing the sounds that he likes. It's pretty clear that the sounds I like are very different, however... Hey, at least I bought it used!

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