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Alright! Misty Roses just made their first appearance on the radio. Thanks to Terre T at WFMU!

Colin Blunstone: 'One Year' (CD; Sony; 1971)
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This is pretty cool stuff. Blunstone was the singer with the Zombies. I assume this is his first solo record following the band's split. It's an interesting mix of pensive pop. The production on it is a bit 70s pop for my taste, and things end up sounding very slightly Elton John-like at times. But overall, it just falls on the right side of that MOR sound, and I come away liking it. Blunstone's voice is very pretty, and saves a lot of the songs. 'She loves the way they love her' is a very cool opener. 'Say you don't mind' is a Bowie-like finale. More on this when I have a chance.

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