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Fun on the Frets - Early Jazz Guitar  - Carl Kress, Tony Mottola, Dick McDonough and George Van Eps (Compilation) - 1934-1949
Label: Yazoo Yazoo 1061 (USA)
Format: LP
From: USA
My rating: 6/10

Entered: 11/30/2004
Last updated: 11/30/2004

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Another nice purchase from that thrift store in NJ. This is an 80s compilation of early chordal jazz guitar work. It's all very enjoyable. Sad to think that by the time I listened to this last week, Tony Mottola had checked out. My favorite cuts are those by George Van Eps. I get the impression from the liner notes that he went a bit schlocky later in his career, but it sounds great here.
“I'd like to know if the song You Send Me by Tony Mottola is on this album? Thanks. Bob”

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