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Hatchback  - Tony Hatch (Compilation) - 1960
Label: Sequel
Format: CD
From: UK
My rating: 8/10

Entered: 07/17/2001
Last updated: 00/00/0000

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It's really a very interesting compilation. Unlike others in the series, this includes more than just straight 60s easy listening and film music, and extends into the mid/late 70s with a few interesting disco/light funk numbers. The best tracks on the disc (on first listen) are the really great lush brasilian style ones - e.g. 'sole bossa nova', 'brasilia mission' - and the gentle, quiet ethereal ones - e.g. 'return to the stars'. Other great ones are pretty straight-ahead 60s pop numbers without the vocals - e.g. 'you're the one', 'round every corner' (which I remember Jack or Scott from In Hi-fi playing a lot). Some tracks are quirky in a way which grates slightly to me - e.g. 'El Payaso', 'Who dun it', and many have something of a generic, library music feel (e.g. 'latin velvet' seems to rip off 'how insensitive', 'who dun it' seems to rip off 'felicidade'). However, the best tracks easily make up for this. The compilation has been out since 1997; I'm glad I managed get it in the end.

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