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Bollywood Breaks (sampler)  - Sutrasonic - 2000
Label: Outcaste (UK)
Format: CD
From: UK
My rating: 8/10

Entered: 09/18/2002
Last updated: 05/03/2003

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I bought this after a friend played me the version of 'Temptation' that it features: the same old 'temptation', but with a pulsating breakbeat behind it. It was catchy and repetitive, and the odd thing about it was that it didn't sound at all modern. For that reason, I thought that this was a compilation of the funkiest cuts on original Bollywood soundtracks. In fact, this isn't the case at all, as is clear when you read the tiny print on the inside of the digipak.

The compilers of 'Bollywood Funk' put this 8-track collection together as an example of how Bollywood cuts can be spliced together and distilled into some heavy dance music.

This doesn't sound altogether like something I would like, but in fact, it's great. The producers resist the temptation to lay on heavy modern beats, as so many remixers do. Instead they seem to use almost entirely original samples. They also manage to avoid the overtly repetitious jams that often come from the lazier sampling contingent. The result is an atmospheric delight, with strong rhythms, moody tablas, wandering flutes and dramatic strings. Most of the tracks are instrumental, with the exception of 'Lover's paradise' (which is pretty similar to the original track, from Laawaris) and 'Temptation'.

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