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Easy Tempo Volume 8  (Compilation) - 1968-1986
Label: Right Tempo (Italy)
Format: CD
From: Italy
My rating: 8/10

Entered: 08/08/2002
Last updated: 05/03/2003

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This is the latest volume in my collection of this series of Italian soundtrack cuts. Overall, I haven't been quite as bowled over by the earlier volumes as I had hoped. I have volumes 1, 2, and 5 as well as this. All the others are good, and kind of incredible in their way. But I didn't find myself listening to 1 and 2 as much as 5 and 8.

This volume opens with the sublime wordless vocals and strings of 'Autostrada Per Los Angeles'. The next track is almost equally brilliant - sublime strings and a slow samba-style beat are the backing for a series of surprising chord changes in Berto Pisano's 'To Jean'. There are some wordless vocals, too.

The mood varies from spikey, percussive, jazzy grooves ('Rhythm and sex', 'a ciascuno il suo' through smooth bossa nova tracks and relaxed easy listening. There's also some more 70s style fusion jazzy stuff. There are a few vocal tracks, notably the jazzy 'world of the blues' and the fun 'la notte e fatta per rubare' by model Catherine Spaak', which has a nice 60s ye-ye feel.

Probably my favorite track on the disc is 'La famiglia Nicotera' by Piero Piccioni, and astounding, bouncy instrumental with wordless vocals, the kind of early 70s Italian soundtrack piece that sounds almost like it could have been on the last Stereolab album.

1. Autostrada Per Los Angeles - Bruno Nicolai (3:02)
2. To Jean - Berto Pisano (3:09)
3. A Ciascuno il Suo - Luis Bacalov (Rhythm Version) (4:27)
4. Bais des Anges - Walter Rizzati (3:44)
5. L'Italia Vista Dal Cielo - Piero Piccioni (Lombardia) (2:12)
6. Tema Di Barbara - Alberto Baldan Bembo (2:37)
7. World of the Blues - Fred Bongusto (3:12)
8. Mission Danger/Patrol Pursuit - Bruno Nicolai (1:59)
9. La Notte E' Fatta Per... Rubare - Catherine Spaak (2:40)
10. Malizie de Veneri - Gian Piero Reverberi (Seq. 2) (3:01)
11. Vivere Felice - Armando Trovajoli (3:23)
12. Rhythm and Sex - Gianni Ferrio (2:00)
13. Italia Vista Dal Cielo - Piero Piccioni (Beat Pastorale #1) (1:57)
14. Fuga Dall'isola - Alfred Waltzman (2:53)
15. Tema B - Tema B (2:54)
16. Fearing Much - Stefano Torossi (3:42)
17. Step by Step- Gianni Ferrio (2:51)
18. Blues for Alexandra - Romano Mussolini (5:24)
19. Running Fire - Lou Stein (8:36)
20. La Famiglia Nicotera - Piccioni (2:36)
21. Metropoli - Gino Marinacci Ensemble (3:23)

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