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Soft Shoulders and Dangerous Curves  - Albert Van Dam - 1975
Label: Unknown (UK)
Format: LP
From: Netherlands
My rating: 5/10

Entered: 03/21/2004
Last updated: 03/22/2004

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I'm afraid this album had to be bought. A whole album of original 'musical fantasies about women', one of which is called 'Lesbos-a-nova' was simply more than I could resist.

Not surprisingly, the album disappoints as much as it entertains. Overall, it has an excellent sleazy mid-70s Bilitis/Emmanuelle-style groove, with strings and sparse electronic effects. But it's not always very tasteful, and the aforementioned 'Lesbos-a-nova' track is particularly disappointing. The best tracks are the opener, 'Soft Shoulders and Dangerous Curves' (which has a brief disco section in the middle), and 'Supergirl'.

The arrangements are by well-known UK conductor Simon Park. The album appears to be a private pressing.

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